In The Box

Walking towards the double front door Dearest sees her husband staring at a box in front of the sliding rod iron gate of simple vertical lines about five inches apart. The gate had been slightly open for one human being to be able to walk out comfortably. 

She had wondered, ‘what could that be? Was it a puppy, a litter of kittens, or , oh no, a baby?’ She shouts to him, “just open one flap and look.”  Heir bends over and opens the box and this was what was in it. 

The Box

Two days ago while in the waiting mode. Waiting for further instructions from the Lord.

Heir was washing the soft champagne  four door pickup that he cared for meticulously and it looked brand new. He was on the driveway facing towards the front of the house. Dearest, sitting on the soft golden yellow cushioned sofa frame of modern lines out of dark teak wood looking at Heir her husband, cleaning the truck.

It was late afternoon and the sun was slowly turning orange a sign it was time to close the doors and window.

Heir at the front gate staring at a box. They heard no sounds of cars or even a person. It had been only seconds that either husband, wife, nor dog would even have missed seeing a box being delivered.