Being with Jonathan

Being with Jonathan was clear that the Lord Himself was showing us His gift to us by revealing Himself in the form of a Father. He showed us what He was doing. We were all either little children two to five years of age depending on the scene He was wanting to communicate through. At other times we were…okay I AM NOT CRAZY. Then other times we were with Him as animals. Fiona was a little three year old girl in a white dress in the Jonathan scene.

“That animal next to Him is a dog,” Fiona exclaims. “Why a dog?” “It is Mommy, Jonathan said she had always been there with Him at this rock, ever since she came she never left.”

“Mommy,” that is what Fiona called Dearest, “It is you.” Dearest cried and cried. ‘Why a dog she wondered.

“Does the dog have a name?” Fiona answers, “Yes, her name is Dearest.” And that is where the character of Dearest came from in this story. 

For a couple of days the girls and the spouses entered in by faith and each time they would meet themselves the way Father God saw them and wanted to communicate to them. Dearest was a black with white spot shitzu type dog the size of a puppy. She always sits on the rock with Jonathan. 

Fiona was the seer who would enter us in, she was the one called for the task of learning how to relate the Fathers heart to the human race. At least she was offered this position which was non public, yet humbling before God. The heart would be tested. 

The husband of Dearest was shown as a brown Labrador of mild nature and full size. Tiara’s husband was shown as a porcupine. Fiona’s husband was a tortuous, how funny, he moved liked one. Each character was so fitting the story God had created to communicate with them and He did it through words and living scenes..

This place they were meeting with Him told was the Garden of Eden, Gods garden where the group met with Jonathan. The Father meets everyone there who comes to Him at the mountaintop.

Soon I’ll share with you the story of the Eagles.

To be continued…

My Name is…

It was a question on each of the girls minds, what is uncles name? The next morning seer 1 named Fiona had woken up with the same question and immediately received an answer. “My name is Jonathan.” Throughout the day a research was done on the meaning of this name in the presence of this uncle. The ladies had gone into seek the Lord now on a daily basis for the situation that praying was being done for, that was the human plan and God allowed it.

His plans were different.

Uncles name was Jonathan. He was about seventy two or so. Always sitting at the rock wearing a different outfit each day, never the same outfit once.

Jonathan means: God is Jehovah

The name Jonathan is a Hebrew baby name. In Hebrew the meaning of the name Jonathan is: Jehovah has given. Jehovah’s gift.

Jonathan (Hebrew: יְהוֹנָתָן/יוֹנָתָן, Standard Yonatan / Yəhonatan Tiberian Yônāṯān) is a common masculine given name meaning “YHWH has given” in Hebrew.The first known Jonathan was a son of King Saul in the Hebrew Bible, a close friend of David. The name’s origin, Yonatan, is a popular masculine Israeli name, appearing in the Hebrew Bible.

Jonathan at the rock was our daily visit for the first few days of entering in. We learned about Him and ourselves as He began to build His story and channel of communication with us.

To be continued…




I am on His Clothes

The other seer in this story is Tiara, she had known the Lord for eleven years but after meeting Mamie the name Dearest was known and called by to these younger believers.  Dearest had given her life to doing her best when it came to teaching the things of the kingdom and the King of kings Himself. After experiencing the born again experience a gift that was evident besides speaking in an unknown language which was to be used directly with God that Tiara received was, the gift of the seer. A prophetic call with a seeing gift, as God wills for her to see. This small group had many seers of different types.
Not understanding Dearest had asked, “What do you mean you are on His clothes?” She said, “I am on Jesus’ clothes. Like some kind of gem on His robe. I am able to see at ninety degrees and I am seeing through His eyes. I am now standing in front of the throne of God. Jesus is presenting something to the Father.”

“What does the throne look like?,” Dearest had wondered and asked out loud. “I can only see at ninety degrees like this,” motioning with her arms as to show ninety degrees. The throne is so bright it has many colors. There is a curtain very thin soft white curtains flowing behind the throne.

“It’s very bright and I’m on his clothing on the collar of His robe. He has a scroll in His hand and He shows it to the Father.”

“What is written on the scroll can you see?,” Dearest had wanted to know.” “It is written in script handwriting, written in blood, His blood, it says,…

to be continued…





The Man with the Big Hat

It had been the next day after entering into the third heaven during seeking time, Dearest received a call from EU Bird saying that Psalm Canada who enters into the heavenly spirit realm on a daily basis says he is instructed to tell the seekers that he saw them there in heaven.

“They have been given approval to enter into the third heaven. Now tomorrow when they try to go back in they will meet a man with a large rimmed hat and he will have a cane with him. Find this man and he will give you further instruction,” Canada had directed Bird to tell them. Bird had never met Canada before but was close to Canada’s friend who worked and lived with Bird.

As was said, Seer 1 entered in and saw a man sitting on a rock but he was not wearing a hat. A hat was beside him on the rock where he was sitting. There was also some kind of thing an animal beside him, it was not yet clear. The scene was focused on the man sitting on the rock and the tree behind him. Seer 1 around 36 years of age asked if he knew where the man with the big hat was and he pointed to the right back area. As she began walking she saw nothing and took a turn to go back. As she walked back she became a young girl of about three years of age in a white dress.

When she arrived at the spot where the older gentleman sitting on the rock was she realized he had his hat on and that he was the one she was told of by Psalm Canada through EU Bird.

He had a map of the earth in his hand.

“What is that moving creature beside Him?,” Seer 1 thought to herself as she lead the other two in by her words.

Dearest had worked with a seer before and had in her limited way known her way around the spirit realm. She had been blessed with another who had a similar gifting of being able to see into the spirit realm. A seer, one who sees.

When they talked about this man with the big hat they addressed him as uncle. Who was this man, was he an angel, a messenger, or was this God himself? Where are they meeting with this man, surely it was third heaven but where in third heaven?

At the same moment Seer 2 had entered in and began to enter us in with her words by saying, “…”

to be continued…I am on His Clothes!

Please follow…this is an ongoing series.image.jpeg