Watchman on the Tower

The seekers had entered into the spirit realm of God again and this time the scene was different then previous times. Tiara the seer was on a horse riding through a forest, it was dusk and the sky was orange with its beams coming through the trees, the sight was beautiful. She had been dress in full armour heading towards a small wooden house. The house seemed like some kind of cottage. Upon arriving she jumped off her horse to see who was at the house.  Peeking through the windows she saw wooden furniture scattered about and a tea set sitting on a table. She rested for a moment at the cottage watching the sunset as if to say goodnight and wondered where she was and who’s house this was. 

After a while the scene had changed again and she was on the horse heading towards a distant direction where she could see a tower of some sort. 

The scene changed and she found herself still in full armor within the compounds of the tower. It looked like a fortress of somekind. A bow and arrow had appeared where she was standing and the only light came from the torches throughout the compound that was lite for night vision.  Looking over the wall through her one eye binoculars she saw a horde of evil enemies coming towards the fortress, arrows were flying in and instinctually she picked up the bow and arrow and began shooting back. There had been a table close by with a bell on it, she ran over and began to ring the bell and immediately she saw huge Eagles begin to swoop down out of the dark sky zooming into the area where the enemy was. As she looked through the one eyed binocular she saw the Eagles attacking the enemy horde.

“You are a watchman in the night,” the Lord had explained to her. A rams horn was given to her and she was instructed to blow on it when she had to notify the rest of the mountain of enemy attacks. Then suddenly, a creature that looked like a miniature dragon flew quite close to the fortress wall from above, she grab the rams horn and began to blow on it, the sound had travel and had resonated throuout the mountain.

“Isis might come against our work,” Fiona the other seer had blurted out. “I am also on a wall dressed in full armour. I see the Lord’s flag at the top of the tower,” describing her surroundings. Dearest had know where they were but kept it to herself at the moment, wanting to see if she was right. “Could you tell me what kind of flag it is?,” Dearest had inquired of Fiona. “It is Jehovah’s flag the light blue one in the triangle shape.” “Do you see Tiara anywhere?,” Dearest wanted to know. “No, I am on a different level on the mountain. I’m running from one tower to another, but I know we are both here,” she had responded. Dearest had known they were at the same place that Rick Joyner had been to, in which he wrote about in the Final Quest. “The Isis horde is moving in closer and they are trying to stop this work,” Fiona exclaimed. 

Immediately Dearest began to pray, “Heavenly Father, we come against all the works of Isis right now, we bind them all right now and call all their works to come to nought. We loosen your angels to come and take them to the place where God has prepared for them.” Dearest and just about every word churched person had known of the binding and loosening scripture. It was a scripture that people used but did not have a true revelation on the matter. 

“And I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven, and whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.””Matthew‬ ‭16:19‬ 

Dearest had been a studier and a teacher of the word. She was a linker and one who would not settle for surface understanding, it was her nature to do exegesis studies of subjects and scriptures regarding the bible but to also have experiential revelation in which she saw few had. She understood, others were not required to have the knowledge or the life she was called too, or were they? Her question of why some made it to a particular place in their spiritual maturity and others didn’t had kept her analyzing the subject. Her conclusion at that time had been, it is a choice one makes. All were called but few were chosen, but she kept that to herself not to put out any fires in any heart that was wanting to serve God.
A Jewish scholar had once told her that if a Jewish person read this scripture on binding and loosening they would understand it immediately. So he had explain what it meant to him. Up until the time she had learn of this she herself had been hesitant to use this scripture, like swinging a sword without knowing what it could do. She wanted to use her sword properly to make the most impact. She did not want to be a parrot repeating words and making sound without results. Her walk with God was serious, she was serious, and if she wanted to survive on this earth and also make it to heaven in a meaningful way she knew she had to be serious about everything regarding God.

The scholar told her that binding and loosening was simply to permit or not to permit. From that day on she had understood the concept of the scripture and began to use it with confidence. But not until she had this experience of entering into the spirit realm did she see what it looked like to bind something, not permitting something on earth. 

Her thoughts had then wondered off and she was thinking of the two seers on the tower, they we’re both such young Christians in their calling, just learning in the past few weeks how to function in the spirit realm and the call placed upon them, even though both Had been a Christian for over ten years. She had a heart for them and thought of the training the Lord had put her through the last thirty years of her life as a believer. The job of the Watchman/the prophets just like Ezekiel in the bible was now being made known to both the young seers. 

“When I say to the wicked, ‘You shall surely die,’ and you give him no warning, nor speak to warn the wicked from his wicked way, to save his life, that same wicked man shall die in his iniquity; but his blood I will require at your hand. Yet, if you warn the wicked, and he does not turn from his wickedness, nor from his wicked way, he shall die in his iniquity; but you have delivered your soul,” a scripture in the Bible had echoed in her heart while she was pondering on the seers and their newly founded call and gift. Dearest remembered this scripture very well, it was the very scripture that caused her to brush aside the fears and uneasy feelings about talking to people when God had prompted her to say something to them. She knew she had the call and duty of saving the lives of those that were of ‘spiritual Israel-believers in the Messiah’ and if she did not follow the Lords prompting, the blood of that person would be on her hands. The fear of the Lord had overruled the fear of man and saving lives with Jesus was agreeable to Dearest. 

Finding the balance and learning how to deliver God’s message without making enemies or becoming harden herself was a challenge. By this time in her life Dearest had few friends, few could walk with her or even understand her. The choices she had made to walk the narrow path was too difficult for most. Dearest understood them all, each would have to get the revelation of God about the narrow path and the sufferings involved, a choice one would have to make. Most believers wanted a sugar coated path and that was not the reality of the matter! She had seen many Christians suffering from spiritual diabetes, they were feed sugar coated food and the deadly disease was creeping in unrecognized, a slow death that the eye could not see.
“Mommy,” Fiona called out to get Dearests attention. “After you prayed I saw a hand come out from heaven, it was the hand of God and the hand had turned the face of Isis away from us.” All the seekers were so happy. They had seen the power of prayer so many times. They realized that God hears all our heart prayers.  Heart prayers not mouth prayers. Praying with faith from our hearts, from deep within, not just speaking to God without faith.

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The Lady and the Couple

The Lady and the couple Heir and Dearest had known each other going on their fifth year. A situation which should have only lasted a few months turned into years and patience was wearing thin for all parties. Dearest wanted answers, everyone involved wanted answers. The breakthrough should have happened already. Today, tomorrow, next week, next month, and anyday now were the words each of the people who had cross paths with the Lady and remained around her would hear. Whether for a short period or on a continual basis. Everyone was waiting for the promises she had made to them. All would serve the Lady for the length of there endurance. None had known they were under testing and trials. Testing and trials set forth for all who were under selection by the Lord Himself. The test was, to choose either God or mammon!


a Chaldee or Syriac word meaning “wealth” or “riches” ( Luke 16:9-11 ); also, by personification, the god of riches ( Matthew 6:24 ; Luke 16:9-11 ).

The Lady had waited and waited for what she thought was Gods promises to her. She had a different perception of God then most. She was an interesting character, knowing how to get what she wanted, knowing what to say to who and how to shape the story to work for her. Each person would hear a slightly different rendition of her story depending on who they were. There were too many characters in her life from all sorts. Some were from the Christian family of all levels of maturity and then others were business associates who knew what she had, others knew what she had and tried to still, kill and destroy. Doesn’t that sound far too familiar.

When the couple met her for the first time they knew this was an appointment from the Lord. Whether anyone excepts this truth or not, it is not the issue here…but everyone came because they had heard either thru her or someone else that she had access to a plethora of assets.

This was the bait that would lure the different fishes, some were caught and then thrown back into the sea, then others were caught and frozen, and others were selected caught, cleaned, and ready for the chef to cook and be served. Served to who?

The couple had walked with the Lord and served in His kingdom together for many years and had been through many test and trials regarding this subject. One of the test many years beforehand had taught them well. They had learned that whenever they were tested on this particular subject, what ever the degree was, they had to walk with integrity of heart and see the true purpose of the test, which at most times was difficult. But they chose to guard their mouths and heart in this situation. They had seen many come and go. They had seen the greedy, they saw the sharks, leeches, and all the others who were to be involved in the great selection process. They learned and did their part to serve the Lady in whatever was needed. Through it they learned to love this Lady, to see beyond the drama of it all and it was sure a nightmare at some points. The relationship these three had built had become somewhat solid, yet the Lady could trust no one, she knew what she went through all the past years and many had hurt her when they called themselves her friend. Caution was the light that blinked continuously in front of her.

At the fifth year of there relationship the repercussions of many things in the Lady’s life began to show itself and it was getting fiery. Before this point it had been quiet and slow paced, almost too slow, causing weariness to come to all who had been involved.

It was time to seriously pray on the matter, but how much prayer and how many times could one go to the Heavenly Father and pray the same thing over and over again? Now Dearest wanted answers and only God could bring forth the truth to her. She had known that she was in the right place and positioning with God, yet it seemed strange that the breakthrough was not happening. Did she miss God totally? She had checked her own heart attitude towards all this and had gone before God to help her see the truth over this situation.

Dearest and Heir had come to love the Lady, her childlike perception, her intelligence and life experience which was of rarity, the way she enjoyed colors and her fashion statement made her so different then others that Dearest had met. The Lady was such a colorful person, had such an extraordinary life and she came in the name of the Lord Jesus, that was what mattered to couple, they knew they were placed with the Lady to be her friend, whether in the end they benefited from ‘the situation’ or not.

The couple soon would find out the truth of the matter from God Himself what and where ‘the situation’ really stood. God would bring clarity so that they would be able to position themselves properly. The seekers had been approved by God to commune with Him on this matter and for sure God would bring clarity and truth that would set them free from anything that was not from Him.

Note* To be continued…this a part of a chapter for this book/blog. To understand it, the author suggest you read the first post and work upward. It is a most amazing story. There are many hidden gems that will change your life as you read the book. The author will try to post something everyday. Please follow for a great journey. This is hot off the press of click and pen.

Full Armoured by the Waterfall

Upon entering through the opening of the rock wall Jesus led them to a waterfall. Some were walking the path, others moving quickly through it passing through the dry brown area close to the entrance of the wall that gradually turned into a green shaded area. The path was now shaded with trees on both side as if they were reaching their hands out to touch each other forming a tunnel of cool breeze and shade which ushered the travelers to a cascading waterfall surrounded by trees of many sorts was at the end of the road. The beauty of this place. The sound of birds, occasional breeze, and the waterfall was  exhilarating it was a garden. The open area in front of the waterfall seemed to be used for training those who entered the narrow path. Upon entering the narrow gate all would start as a very young child. Remember we are speaking about the spirit of a person. And only the spirit can enter into this realm.

Before continuing let us come to an understanding, let us get a clear picture or else there might be confusion and we all know that God is not the author of confusion.

“For God is not the author of confusion but of peace,.”‭‭I Corinthians‬ ‭14:33‬ ‭

The human being is made of three parts spirit, soul, and body/flesh. The spirit brings consciousness of God to humans, because God is Spirit. 

“God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth.””‭‭John‬ ‭4:24‬ ‭

The soul is the human mind, thought life, the essence of you, your personality, and your emotions. The soul brings consciousness to self.

The flesh is the shell the house for the soul and spirit. It is conscious of the earth, it was made from the earth, from dust.

Those that do not know Jesus have a dormant spirit, they are not connected to God as one as in the case of believers. It is like a lamp that is not plugged in, no power connected, no light, it is just a bulb that is useless without electricity.

It seemed that not every believer entered the Narrow Gate, but only few would find it. Many were deterred by the such an entrance, many chose the wide gate.

““Enter by the narrow gate; for wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and there are many who go in by it.” ‭‭Matthew‬ ‭7:13‬ 

Those who entered seemed to all be toddlers and as they continued to walk they would grow. The Lord had been walking with them and talking with them through the journey before arriving to the area of the waterfall. 

Fiona was now on a horse that was white with cream mane and she was dressed in full armour with sword and shield. The sword had represented the word of God in her life and the shield represented the faith in her life. 

As she tried to manuever the horse the Lord revealed to her that the waterfall was the living water of God that had proceeded from His throne and this must have been one of the areas that a stream broke off from the main river of life and had arrived to this location.

The Lord had taught those who were being trained not to ever put their sword in a sheath, it was always to be used. Think of the things a sword can do. It can cut, clear areas, and be stabbed into the ground as an anchor in case of slippery or dangerous situations. The size of each persons sword depended on the persons understanding of the word of God in their life.

The shield that Fiona was carrying was a bit larger then her body. She had to learn how to balance the shield while she was on the horse while holding the sword in her other hand. If she did not learn how to balance her shield (faith) it could pull her off the horse and then crush her. The shield was made of some kind of metal. The lesson of balancing the shield seemed to be the area of focus for her. 

At the same place in another visit, Jesus was teaching Heir how to maneuver his horse. Then the garden waterfall area had changed into a rock area on a mountain. The Lord then said, “Tell them, I am coming soon.”

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Looking for the Messenger

Tiara as a little girl had been walking along a rock wall with Jesus, she had been asked by Dearest for ‘the Lady’ to find out where ‘the messenger’ was. They had been looking for the messenger who had been appointed to do some business for ‘the situation'(reader must read previous chapters in blog/book to understand), but he had disappeared. The seekers had spent much time following ‘the messenger’ in the spirit realm. Interesting isn’t it.
There were some moments when they met Jesus as the Lord known in the white gown and wearing sandles. In this book when Jesus is mentioned he is in a white outfit. At other times the Lord will be described according to the name or persona in which He wills to show Himself. He is everything…we move and live and have our being in Him.

The last time they saw the messenger he had been in Hong Kong on a rooftop with sheets hanging from the line.  He was exhausted from his long journey running from those who had tried to hunt him down. He found a bench on top of the building, sat down for a while with his elbow on his knees and both palms under his chin lost in thought and felt safe for the moment. He had been very cautious to make sure no one had seen him. He then stretch out his legs and nudged himself down and then curled up into a fetal position. He fell asleep and the scene was closed.

Fiona was the one that the Lord had taken into this next scene. She had no idea where she was since time had passed since she had seen the messenger last. She knew it was no longer in Asia. As she walked down the stairs she realized she was in a root cellar. There were piles of potatoes. It had been dark and she had to adjust her vision to see better. Over against the wall she saw a man sitting with his knees up against his chest with his head dropped down on his knees. His hands were bound and Fiona cut the ropes off his hands and helped him outside, it seemed he was heavily drugged. A motorcycle appeared outside and both the messenger and Fiona had to get away as soon as possible before someone found out he was missing. They rode through a forest and into an open space with a reasonable size lake. Both got off the motor cycle and the messenger kneeled and scooped the fresh cool water into his hands and began to splash it on his face. Fiona had noticed a mountain from where they were.

After hours of researching and going through many pictures of mountains and its surroundings, the mountain Fiona saw was found in Russia. The seekers now began to look for the closest town where the messenger could go to so the Lady can send help. They knew he was in some kind of danger. Dearest said, “Tell him to go to this town, it is closest.” Fiona told him and the scene was closed. That was the last they knew of the messenger.

As Tiara and Jesus were walking she tried many times to interject a word by asking about ‘the messenger’ but Jesus pointed to an opening in the rock wall just wide enough for one small person to go through, His left hand at the edge of the rock wall and His right hand as if extending an invitation for her to come into the entrance. Through a few ums and ahs, she finally mustered up the words, “What about the messenger?” Jesus answered by lifting up His hand to say, “don’t worry about it.” It was a big deal to the Lady and the seekers, the messenger should have delivered the paperwork to the Lady and there was no sign of him was he still alive or was he dead?

By that time the seekers had been focused on seeking God for ‘the situation’ and wanted to pray/seek it through for ‘the Lady’, the Lord had allowed the questions the Lady had sent in for the seekers to take to God. That season had been exhausting for all involved in ‘the situation’ and breakthrough was needed. Only God could handle this situation, He was the one positioning everyone into the place they needed to be so He could bring His plans forth. The finale!

For a bit over two months the seekers had brought forth questions pertaining to the situation and the Lord allowed them to see the NOW answer. That means, any questions brought forth would receive an answer based on what was happening in the spirit regarding that situation in the now. The author sure hopes you the reader understands this. Everything is happening in the spirit. All things first happen in the spirit and will manifest into the physical realm.

After the Lord had waved His hand to say, “don’t worry about it,” the scene had ended and Dearest had ask Tiara, “what was the small opening in the rock wall and did you go in?” “I believe it is the NARROW PATH and I didn’t get to go in because I wanted to make sure that the Lady would get her answer about the messenger,” she had responded. “Did you at least get to look inside the opening?,” Dearest wondered out loud. “It looked brownish, the ground by the entrance way did not look welcoming at all. It was like grass that had been stomped on and died.” With a look of regret Tiara had uttered the sentence. She had been thinking to herself as to why she did not go in when the Lord had invited her to step in and then the scene had closed.

The situation had so many facets and few would understand its intricate workings. The Lady was appointed by God to complete this call that had been somehow passed on to her. It was an urgent time and getting direct answers from the Lord would be helpful to make the right moves and make the right decisions. It seemed hopeless but all involved had hope. God had shown the Lady too much truth and she had to walk it out with Him. She was a women who went through much suffering and brokenness. The Lady had been to heaven already a few times in her life, she had seen an had known of the Lord quite well.

Why a Dog?

It had been a a few weeks entering into the third heaven and now having met with God in various forms and characters. The seekers had wondered about many things. They knew they were in heaven, they knew they were meeting with God, they knew they were communicating with God in His language and in His style, but there must be a clear answer to why they were being shown as animals. With that information they would understand God more and would be able to in turn understand His word and its eternal quality.

A question once posed by Dearest, “Am I a dog because I am your best friend?,” she had asked because of the saying, ‘a dog is a man best friend.’ This question had been answered by Jonathan the first few days of entering , “you are My friend.” That was enough of an answer to satisfy Dearest. About the same period little by little each one of the seekers and the spouses had been in one scene or another as a dog also. They had all become a friend of Gods.

“Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one’s life for his friends. You are My friends if you do whatever I command you. No longer do I call you servants, for a servant does not know what his master is doing; but I have called you friends, for all things that I heard from My Father I have made known to you.”  John‬ ‭15:13-15

The seekers had been invited to know what God was doing. Not only that, they were able to be a part of fulfilling some of the prophecies in the Christian Bible. What does that mean you the reader would wonder. The author suggests you wonder, don’t let this paragraph go by without wondering. More will be written on this matter later.

Before meeting with Jesse the seekers and their spouses had already been with Jonathan as either an animal of some sort or children. All understood the children aspect it had been made clear to them.

“Assuredly, I say to you, unless you are converted and become as little children, you will by no means enter the kingdom of heaven.” Matthew‬ ‭18:3‬ ‭NKJV‬‬

Remember the story about the first time entering in and meeting with uncle, Fiona was allowed in as an adult, but could not remain that way. Jonathan did not speak to her until she had turned into a little girl.

Several of months before entering into the heavenlies, Fiona had a dream and called Dearest to tell her about it, “Mommy, last night I had a dream about you. I think it’s important. I don’t really understand it but it has to do with you. Their were about twelve doors in the sky. You are about one hand away from the door, you are almost in.” Dearest then asked, “What is on the other side of the door?” “I saw gold everything seems gold, it was shining through the doors.”

This had caught Dearests’ attention but she had interpreted it wrong in those days. Now months had pass and what she thought should have happened had not happened yet. ‘The Situation’ she and her husband had been somewhat involved in was getting worse and the promises of God were not anywhere near. She understood that ‘the situation’ was a God thing, but could not comprehend how God would work it all out. She did not have enough knowledge to be able to think nor comprehend. Yet she knew they were on the right track and as long as she kept her eyes on Jesus all would be well and she would grow.

When the seers had entered in the first few days, Dearest could understand what they saw but knew there was more for her but she could not find the blockage, why was she not able to see. She tried doing it like the girls but knew they had different heavenly giftings. “Fiona can you ask the Lord to show you if I have entered through the doors in the sky that you saw in the dream last year.” Dearest had wondered, she asked to know how close she was to the door that would lead her to the gold within. God’s gold, her and Heirs life had been involved in this for the last five years and they had not understood the true complexities of it. Or, was the gold behind the doors, heaven itself? She was not sure.

“Mommy your head is peeking in but your body is still outside the door.” Fiona exclaimed! 

Suddenly the scripture Matthew 18:3 about how one must be like children to enter into the kingdom flashed before Dearest and she By FAITH closed her eyes and threw her leg up into the door like a child and climbed in. As soon as both legs were in Fiona said, “Mommy you are inside, I see you.” From that day on each time the seekers would enter in to visit with the Lord Dearest was able to see, but differently from the other two. 

From that point on their visits with Jonathan and Jesse had taken on a new level of interaction and revelation. Things were becoming more clear to Dearest and Heir as they joined with God to deal with ‘the situation,’ in the spirit realm. God is Spirit! So everything He does is in the spirit. That was a key!

The others were not involved in ‘the situation’ and that was good. Dearest then could see their gifting work at full capacity. It was best that they did not know anything. Dearest had only revealed what needed to be revealed, as God revealed, the seers were permitted to learn of ‘the situation.’ The seekers were now beginning to understand how to function in this realm and also they were learning more about the nature and image of God.

NOTE: This is a book. Please follow and read first post then work your way up. Gems, gems, gems. There are many characters.

Meeting the Cowboy

The visits were no longer with Jonathan alone, now there was a cowboy who was riding a horse. Who was this cowboy in his late sixties to early seventies? With grayish white hair in a pony tail a few inches below the shoulders. His dark brownish cowboy hat was covering half of his face. We had been at a wooden cabin of sort, it was like a farm cabin. Simple cabin made of beautiful logs, it had a front porch enough for a table and two chairs. 

It had been Tiara that the Lord had allowed to meet with the cowboy first. Where as with Jonathan it had been Fiona who met Him first. Dearest was the question asker and had the job to train the seers to grow in their call, how to move around in the spirit realm, how to ask questions, and how to try to understand the answer. The Lord had given each a specific job and if one didn’t do their part, it would not and could not have happened. It took team work to learn how to work together.

It had been frustrating for Dearest, she wanted to see and talk to the Lord everyday, even every minute, she didn’t care how tired she was, or how many hours she had to spend with Him, but she wanted to stay right there and not let anything steal this time from them. The others had responsibilities to make money, a different place then where Heir and Dearest were. The couple had been set apart for Gods work only, He had not allowed any business to develope in their lives. They tried to do business to survive, but realized it was not going to happen, the Lord had other plans for them. He had blocked every possible avenue of making money so they could learn to walk in a greater faith, the kind of faith that would move Gods hand. The kind of faith that would stun the world.  The businesses that moved in and out of their lives had been for training of a greater purpose and of a Master plan which would be revealed in its own time.

God like a conductor standing before the orchestra with such eloquence, His wrist moving with grace as His draws a half u shape with His baton and the first piano key in g major had brought forth its sound, followed by the soft brushing of the snare on the drums, as the violins gave off just a slight ‘I am here,’ and faded again, without knowing what the next note would be. The listener would have to wait in anticipation, a lifting sound of the clarinet arises for a few seconds and then drops deep allowing the piano to express it self. This was the life of Heir and Christina, they knew that their lives were completely conducted by the Lord Himself. This was the path they chose, not knowing what the next note would be, yet knowing that when the whole piece was put together and played becoming an orchestrated piece that would leave the listeners in awe. 

For the reader, you will get a glimpse of this heavenly orchestra playing the sound of heaven as you read.

This time, Gods gift to the seekers was an encounter that would be the very vehical ushering in the Holy City the New Jerusalem. An answer at its right timing to a prayer that Dearest had placed before the Lord many of years ago. “Please Lord, let me have a part in the last days ministry, before you come back to rule the earth. Even a small role, I don’t want to miss out. I pray to be a part of the written word,” was her heart cry to God.

The seekers had been at the mountain of God with Jonathan and now a cowboy had been introduced to the scene, “Ask him what his name is?,” Dearest had said. With a southern accent from somewhere in the USA, he responded, “My name is Jesse, some call me Jeshua.”

The Source of Fashion

At an early stage in her life, Dearest wanted to be a fashion designer. She was born to design and art was what she loved most. No one else in the group of seekers cared as much as she did about Jonathan’s clothing and what He wore everyday, but Dearest would document His choice of clothing for each day as she knew He had dressed for her and welcomed her comments about His clothing. 

Jonathan had something special for the seekers everyday. One day when arriving to the rock area He and Dearest the dog both had long blond hair. Dearest the human asked, “Why are we wearing blond wigs?” He chuckled, His small belly pouch moved with each ha ha ha and responded, “It is not a wig. Everything here has life.” “Then why are You wearing long blond hair?,” she asked. “For your entertainment,” was His simple respond. The scene had then changed to normal hair. 

Another day He had been wearing hunting clothes, when we arrived of course Dearest had to ask, why He wearing that outfit? He showed a white bird cage of the vintage style. He had held it up and in it were snakes with no heads. “I went hunting and I wanted you to see this,” was Jonathan’s response, He wanted the seekers to know this was how He dealt with His enemies in the spirit. 

He loved plaid and almost all His shirts were of a plaid design. Every so often He would wear a solid shirt. Complete with hat, shirt, belt, pants and boots or shoes was the style we saw on a daily basis for a season. 

Another day Heir was wearing a new look. Normally his face was always shaven, now his hair was a bit long and he wore it in a short pony tail. He opted for a lazy period of no shave and now had a thin mustache. Heir could not really grow those thick mustaches, it probably was the genetic code of the Burmese blood of a small percentage that caused this. With Heirs blood mixture of many nations this seemed to be the only answer why he had a thin beard and mustache. Some south eastern asian genetics left the men non hairy, the weather had much to do with this genetic alteration. A hairy person on the equator would be a very hot person. To get to the point of the matter…that day Jonathan had a mustache just like Heir. 

That was how He was. Jonathan was gentle, funny, and loved having fellowship with all of the seekers. He shared many things that no living human hand seen or known. Much of it will not be shared because it doesn’t concern most readers. 

Remember the reason the seekers went in to seek God about was for ‘THE SITUATION’ and the situation as we will call it had been a part of HISTORY…HIS STORY, that was much bigger then any of us, and most of it would sound like you were reading a foreign book if you were not in the small group of people involved within the spectrum of it.  All who were privi to know of this has been permitted by God Himself, either for testing or for training or for both. They were all selected by their response to ‘the situation,’ it would be the very story that would determine where they were and if they could continue on a path of such greatness and awesomeness.

There were times when Jonathan would make little flower crowns for Dearest the dog and Fiona, then at other times Dearest the dog would be privileged to wear a similar item that Jonathan was wearing, whether it was a hat or boots.  At this period, the question of why Dearest was being shown in the form of a dog was still in question, but not an issue for Dearest or the other seekers. Two realms were joining and that in itself was exceptional and extraordinary.

It was such an intense time and an intense story. Dearest had concerns because she had been in ministry and had served God in the religious sector of the community. She had been a public speaker and taught of God and His ways for years. Many did not understand her, yet many knew too well this was the real thing, but struggled to arrive. Whenever you don’t want to part from your wrong thinking vs. Gods thinking, that’s when you get angry and fight God, this is when you stop growing. 

Stop being angry with God. Deal with the anger. Who is dust compared to the one who created it? Do you not know who He is!

The concerns that washed over Dearest were legitimate. She had been bled to death way too many times when people misunderstood her. Some of it was from her own stupidity and a mind that was still needing attention or recognition. Other times it was just a stir in the spirit realm because the truth was being delivered and the demons would manifest to deter the listener from hearing! She now understood this and had an invisible CAUTION SIGN above her head when she was around the so called Christian family. It was a strange feeling, “I love them but I am so cautious of them,” Dearest had spoken at one time. 

The lesson to be learned. Even family members with the same father and mother don’t come out the same. Family members hurt the most because each expects more from the family member. That is why forgiveness is a must and understanding must be gained if God was going to be known to the humans on the earth. A teenage Christian (spiritual age) with an attitude was dangerous, the zeal and lack of life test makes them arrogant. God would be the one to show them, if they expect to grow they would have to respond to the corrections.

As she grew and matured in God she  finally learned that just because someone said they were a Christian did not mean they had already been through the refining process nor does it mean they understood the process of brokenness which would bring on humility of the pure unpolluted kind. 

Jonathan had understood this and conversed with her on this matter. “Lord, how am I to tell the people about this. You know if I tell them they will say…error. They will not accept it because they don’t understand. How on earth will they ever understand the Jonathan aspect of you. They will probably crucify me and try to stop me from ministry. I have gone out of my way to stay away from happy trigger tongues that try to shoot me for speaking truth and now this, how can I share this with them. Lord, you know that I could keep all of it to myself, but I know that is not your desire. I pray for wisdom on this matter Lord, ” Dearest had spoken from the cautiousness of her mind, not wanting to have to war with any listener. ‘She tried to give life but got killed for it,’ Dearests thought in her heart. It was the same for the Son of God, He came to give life but had to be killed for it!

Do you think it would be any different for those that follow Him? If you don’t experience what another person experiences, how can you fully understand? Sometimes one must go through the experience to understand fully what the answers to life really are. Circumstances come into our lives so that we can understand! Live and learn!