The Name of the Book

You ‘the reader’ have now been reading words…a book without a name…until now. The reader just entered into the place where the reader will have to decide if they want to continue on the journey or park the for awhile. There is a door of truth before each of you who are reading this. What is one that turns away from truth? There must be a way that leads us to all truths. We as humans must find that. Truth and truth are drawn to each other. It will always bring freedom from the bondages and darkness that try to keep humans enslaved. A little light will swallow a lot of darkness.

The name of the book is JONATHAN.

Jonathan is a Hebrew name. In Hebrew the meaning of the name Jonathan is: Jehovah has given. The Biblical name Jonathan is Hebrew in origin and its meaning is whom ‘Jehovah gave.” 

Please follow the writings. Thanks

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