Being with Jonathan

Being with Jonathan was clear that the Lord Himself was showing us His gift to us by revealing Himself in the form of a Father. He showed us what He was doing. We were all either little children two to five years of age depending on the scene He was wanting to communicate through. At other times we were…okay I AM NOT CRAZY. Then other times we were with Him as animals. Fiona was a little three year old girl in a white dress in the Jonathan scene.

“That animal next to Him is a dog,” Fiona exclaims. “Why a dog?” “It is Mommy, Jonathan said she had always been there with Him at this rock, ever since she came she never left.”

“Mommy,” that is what Fiona called Dearest, “It is you.” Dearest cried and cried. ‘Why a dog she wondered.

“Does the dog have a name?” Fiona answers, “Yes, her name is Dearest.” And that is where the character of Dearest came from in this story. 

For a couple of days the girls and the spouses entered in by faith and each time they would meet themselves the way Father God saw them and wanted to communicate to them. Dearest was a black with white spot shitzu type dog the size of a puppy. She always sits on the rock with Jonathan. 

Fiona was the seer who would enter us in, she was the one called for the task of learning how to relate the Fathers heart to the human race. At least she was offered this position which was non public, yet humbling before God. The heart would be tested. 

The husband of Dearest was shown as a brown Labrador of mild nature and full size. Tiara’s husband was shown as a porcupine. Fiona’s husband was a tortuous, how funny, he moved liked one. Each character was so fitting the story God had created to communicate with them and He did it through words and living scenes..

This place they were meeting with Him told was the Garden of Eden, Gods garden where the group met with Jonathan. The Father meets everyone there who comes to Him at the mountaintop.

Soon I’ll share with you the story of the Eagles.

To be continued…

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