The Man with the Big Hat

It had been the next day after entering into the third heaven during seeking time, Dearest received a call from EU Bird saying that Psalm Canada who enters into the heavenly spirit realm on a daily basis says he is instructed to tell the seekers that he saw them there in heaven.

“They have been given approval to enter into the third heaven. Now tomorrow when they try to go back in they will meet a man with a large rimmed hat and he will have a cane with him. Find this man and he will give you further instruction,” Canada had directed Bird to tell them. Bird had never met Canada before but was close to Canada’s friend who worked and lived with Bird.

As was said, Seer 1 entered in and saw a man sitting on a rock but he was not wearing a hat. A hat was beside him on the rock where he was sitting. There was also some kind of thing an animal beside him, it was not yet clear. The scene was focused on the man sitting on the rock and the tree behind him. Seer 1 around 36 years of age asked if he knew where the man with the big hat was and he pointed to the right back area. As she began walking she saw nothing and took a turn to go back. As she walked back she became a young girl of about three years of age in a white dress.

When she arrived at the spot where the older gentleman sitting on the rock was she realized he had his hat on and that he was the one she was told of by Psalm Canada through EU Bird.

He had a map of the earth in his hand.

“What is that moving creature beside Him?,” Seer 1 thought to herself as she lead the other two in by her words.

Dearest had worked with a seer before and had in her limited way known her way around the spirit realm. She had been blessed with another who had a similar gifting of being able to see into the spirit realm. A seer, one who sees.

When they talked about this man with the big hat they addressed him as uncle. Who was this man, was he an angel, a messenger, or was this God himself? Where are they meeting with this man, surely it was third heaven but where in third heaven?

At the same moment Seer 2 had entered in and began to enter us in with her words by saying, “…”

to be continued…I am on His Clothes!

Please follow…this is an ongoing series.image.jpeg

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