The Father



The Father had always been called Father or Heavenly Father when Dearest was talking to God. When speaking to the whole of God she would call Him Lord, as if He is never whole, God is always One, always the Lord, and can be and is everything and everyone in heaven. But there are times when we communicate with each member of the trinity (Father, Son Jesus, and the Holy Spirit) directly. For those who call themselves by His name will one day know of His life taking over and becoming one with you, yes and this is a matter of choice. It’s happening in the spirit realm and somehow penetrating into the physical realm and manifesting the realities of the spirit realm into the physical realm. Just because the eye of the flesh can not see it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

The Father exist, more then anything else. Everything the Father does He does out of love. Sometimes it doesn’t feel like love but deep down inside for those who have learned to embrace Fathers teachings, rebuke and discipline, you would have come to know the righteous fruit it bears. Father is gentle, He speaks few words, they are comforting, to thei point, gentle, loving, merciful. Father loves to laugh his belly even shakes when He laughs.He takes care of His children and His works. He indeed is a faithful God. Yes, Father will not push you away.

The small group met with Father daily.

To be continued…this is a series of stories please follow for more of this story.





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