I am on His Clothes

The other seer in this story is Tiara, she had known the Lord for eleven years but after meeting Mamie the name Dearest was known and called by to these younger believers.  Dearest had given her life to doing her best when it came to teaching the things of the kingdom and the King of kings Himself. After experiencing the born again experience a gift that was evident besides speaking in an unknown language which was to be used directly with God that Tiara received was, the gift of the seer. A prophetic call with a seeing gift, as God wills for her to see. This small group had many seers of different types.
Not understanding Dearest had asked, “What do you mean you are on His clothes?” She said, “I am on Jesus’ clothes. Like some kind of gem on His robe. I am able to see at ninety degrees and I am seeing through His eyes. I am now standing in front of the throne of God. Jesus is presenting something to the Father.”

“What does the throne look like?,” Dearest had wondered and asked out loud. “I can only see at ninety degrees like this,” motioning with her arms as to show ninety degrees. The throne is so bright it has many colors. There is a curtain very thin soft white curtains flowing behind the throne.

“It’s very bright and I’m on his clothing on the collar of His robe. He has a scroll in His hand and He shows it to the Father.”

“What is written on the scroll can you see?,” Dearest had wanted to know.” “It is written in script handwriting, written in blood, His blood, it says,…

to be continued…





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